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Industrial Process Safety
Spring 2012 Issue



Fire Protection of Ethanol Storage Plants 

By Henry Persson and Dr. Francine Amon, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden 

The use of ethanol has increased significantly as a means to fulfil climate goals by replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels, but the introduction of ethanol fuels creates new risks and challenges from a fire protection point of view.

Mitigation of Vapor Cloud Explosions Using Flame Inhibitors 

By Dr. Kees van Wingerden, GexCon AS and Pol Hoorelbeke, Total 

A set of laboratory-scale and largescale experiments have been performed to investigate the possibility and feasibility for using flame inhibitors to limit the consequences of vapor cloud explosions.

Explosion Protection Systems Overview and Applications 

By Emre Ergun, New Product Development Manager, Fenwal Protection Systems 

This paper provides a brief introduction to the commonly employed explosion protection technologies and illustrates the system selection process.

Dust Explosions and Flash-Fires Technical Aspects 

By Richard W. Prugh, Principal Process Safety Specialist, Chilworth Global 

Most flammable gases and vapors readily mix with air. But for combustible dusts, a mechanism for dispersing the dust in air is needed for flash-fire.

Making Process Plants Inherently Safer 

By Dr. Victor H. Edwards, Kvaerner and Dr. Jack Chosnek, KnowledgeOne 

This paper outlines methods to conduct an inherently safer design review of an existing plant and concludes with several examples of successful modifications of existing plants.

New Approach to Gas Detection 

By Claudio Groppetti, Global VP Business Development for Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring, Xtralis 

An alternative approach to gas to detection is multi-hole aspirating gas detection, and this offers a unique solution to many of today's gas detection challenges with exclusive features and benefits.

Optical Flame Detection Considerations 

By Ian Buchanan, European Manager, Spectrex 

Modern optical flame detectors provide enhanced flame detection reliability and longer detection ranges with minimal (or no) false alarms, backed by independent confirmation of their performance and integrity.

Biogas - A European Perspective on Safety and Regulation 

By Evanno Sebastien, INERIS, Olivier Salvi and Samuel Delsinne, European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk 

This paper presents a review of the situation on biogas production and uses and the perspectives that it offers in the context of the recent European Energy policies.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure 

By Christof Stadter, Marketing Communications Manager, Bosch Security Systems 

Critical infrastructures are the vital assets, systems and networks whose security gaps can seriously threaten public health, the environment, the economy or security. These gaps must be minimized or at least avoided.

Fire Protection Performance of Novec1230 in Electronic Facilities 

By Dr. Andrew Kim, Project Manager, National Research Council Canada 

Novec1230 is one type of halocarbon product has been introduced in the market place to fill the gap in the fire suppression area left by halons.

Fire Protection For Ethanol Process Structures 

By Benjamin Ditch and Glenn Mahnken, FM Global 

Many common protection schemes have been found ineffective at protecting structural members from a large ethanol fire, however, new protection options have been identified that provide flexibility to system designers.


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