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A 100 Fire Extinguisher
Product Code: A 100
Manufacturer: GreenEX

The GreenEX A100 Fire Extinguisher is based on the environment friendly SFE Powdered Aerosol technology, listed on the EPA Halon Alternatives SNAP list as Powdered Aerosol A, designed for total flood fire suppression applications.

The A100 model is designed to extinguish and provide inertization for type A (solid fuel), B (liquid fuel), C (gas fuel) fires and type E (electrical) fires in defined enclosures.

The extinguishing agent concentration required for each type of fire and volume to be protected is determined by the solid SFE agent content in the GreenEX unit and the number of units per system.

The extinguishing agent delivered by the GreenEX system is a powdered aerosol created “in-situ” by a chemical reaction taking place in a non-pressurized container, delivering dry powder small particles (1-5 microns) floating in inert gases.

The GreenEX A100 unit produces large amounts of powdered aerosol, designed to extinguish a fire in a 1 m3 closed volume. The system is compatible with standard detection and control systems and can be installed inside or outside the protected volume.

Desu Systems BV

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