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Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
Product Code: TITAN
Manufacturer: Honeywell Analytics

Honeywell announced the Honeywell TITAN, a new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) that combines high-performance Honeywell materials, proprietary electronics and unique ergonomic features to offer firefighters a greater degree of maneuverability, safety and efficiency on the fireground.

Developed by a global Honeywell First Responder R&D team in consultation and extensive testing with firefighters, the TITAN SCBA offers new technological and ergonomic advancements, including:

  • Patented motion sensors on both sides of the unit (one in the front, Personal Alert Safety System (PASS), one in the back PASS) keep the TITAN in sensing mode, greatly reducing battery consumption and minimizing false pre-alarms.
  • SCBA wellness-check sends diagnostic software alerts to the user through audible and visual alarms when there is a mechanical fault with an electrical component.
  • ThermAlert heat alarm in the PASS gives the firefighter a visual and audible indicator when they begin to absorb too much heat.
  •  Optional voice amplification system (VAS) with push-to- talk or hands-free constant talk operation.
  •  Simple, convenient user training via a smartphone.

2-Honeywell Introduces New TITAN SCBA

 Optional wireless radio communications provide long-distance communication that works with sophisticated repeater systems.

Honeywell designed TITAN for maximum comfort and utility. Unlike many SCBAs, the unit rests on the hips, not the shoulders, so the apparatus stays balanced at the body’s center of gravity. The unit also has a swivel-and- pivot mechanism that allows for unrestricted body movement and advanced materials on the shoulder straps keep shoulder straps from slipping off.

An aerospace-grade aluminum back frame and durable waist belt can withstand 1,000 pounds of pull force, and shoulder strap material that is impermeable to chemicals can withstand more than 700 pounds. TITAN is compatible with Honeywell’s Life Grip, a multi-functional waist belt that can be used to integrate a rappelling system, ladder belt and can also be used as a drag strap.

TITAN is compliant with the 2007 and 2013 editions of NFPA 1981 (the National Fire Protection Association), meets the requirements of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and is approved for use with chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) materials.

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