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New York Fire District Builds a Training Library on ATS Quality

Action Training Systems, Inc (ATS)
August 9, 2012


Training videos are an excellent resource to ensure the crew has the same basic knowledge before hands-on training begins. However, building an adequate video training library excellent resource to ensure the crew has the same basic knowledge before can be a daunting task when it requires half of the year’s limited training budget to get the programs needed. Tom Christie of the Stanford Heights Fire District found a great way to test the waters with Action Training Systems products before committing a large percentage of the budget funds.

Christie purchased three DVDs from the Essentials of Fire Fighting: Firefighter I series and reviewed them with Chief Dale Monlea and the Stanford Heights Board of Fire Commissioners. All were pleased with the quality of the training programs, but Christie still wasn’t ready to commit to acquiring the full DVD series. He worked with his ATS training consultant to select three more DVDs so he could see how they worked with Stanford Heights’ training structure before investing in an entire series.

They started with the basic stuff with reference to the Firefighter I series. They tried them out and everyone liked them, so they kept adding on and on, and soon had a full library. Once they got the whole Firefighter I, they went into Vehicle Extrication and then the whole Fire Service Rescue series.

According to Christie the Firefighter I series is a great fit for the all-volunteer fire district as it covers all the ‘meat’ done in the fire service. Since they have a lot of probies that must take Firefighter I before they can become regular firefighters, there is even more value in the DVDs on their probie training nights. For example, if there’s inclement weather, they can watch the DVDs on their own and focus on advancing hoseline or ventilation and get a basic idea of where to start and how to do it.

This saves time, but it obviously doesn’t replace hands-on training. DVDs can be viewed all day but they will not know for sure until they get to the hands-on, however, the DVDs get them going.

Why was Action Training’s DVDs chosen over the competition? Because it is all up to date. ATS always updates their stuff. It looks good, it’s straight-forward and it’s quality.

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