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ISAS-F Protects Houses from Approaching Forest Fires

New Impulse Technologies
June 21, 2016


The ISAS-F system is designed to protect houses from approaching forest fires and in the case of an emergency extinguish fire that have started on the house. The ISAS-F system uses a series of nozzles to spray a wetting agent that is a mixture of water a suppressant. Neutral gas generators are used to create the effect of a fine water mist. The system consists of special tanks (ISAS module), which contain the wetting agent and built-in neutral gas generators. The application of the agent is carried out via a fixed nozzle spraying system installed on the roof and around the house.

The ISAS module can be located in a number of places in and around the house, including underground. The location of the module does not affect its performance.

ISAS module can operate in two modes:

1. Mode 1 Protects the house, applying the wetting agent mixture at a rate is up 2 to 20 liters per second. This provides a slow application for protection.

2. Mode 2 Extinguishes a fire that may have started, applying the wetting agent at a rate up to 50 liters per second.

The ISAS-F system has no electric valves and other electrical actuators. It is completely independent of external power sources, eliminating the possibility of failure due to loss of power. The equipment is designed and furnished to be acceptable to the owner and local fire authorities.

ISAS-F system is guaranteed to execute:

1. The system can be started automatically, remotely via wireless network or using a manual start-up.

2. The system will function for 10 years even in the absence of external sources of electricity and water.

 The principles of the system operation. The launch of the ISAS-F system in the automatic mode is conducted by sending a low power electrical signal from a temperature sensor. The ISAS-F can also be started manually by pressing a button or pulling the operation ring. Finally the ISAS-F can be actuated from remote radio (or from internet) signal. In the independent automatic mode the signal to start the system is sent by fully autonomous thermal sensors that automatically generate an electrical signal. Sensors are independent from any external sources of electricity. The sensor is protected from external electrical noise. After starting the pressure generator, neutral gas (fire aerosol) is supplied into the module case and this starts the displacement of the wetting agent into into the water pipes and out the nozzles.

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